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Sideshow Chinatown Body work Edmonton

Body Work & Block Sanding

Regardless of budget, we feel each restoration or build deserves to look as good as possible after paint. When looking for that showroom finish, block sanding body work and primer is a critical step.

Filler is not a 4 letter word.

We refer to this as the "ugly" step because although it is necessary for a straight body, it definitely has gotten a bad rap due to over use and reliance on filler. Once metalwork is done to the level required, we move on to correcting the remainder of waves and imperfections with body filler. As a rule, the less filler the better.

We've got options!

Again we ask the question, are you looking for a show car or a driver? We can spend hundreds of hours on blocking body work and primer. However time, method, and materials can be adjusted based on budget.

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